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Mt Toubkal 2 days 2 Person

From $100.00

At 4,167m, Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain in North Africa. The hike to the summit is challenging.

Berber Villages 2 days 2 Person

From $90.00

Two day trekking across high Atlas villages, Valleys to discover how the berber lives ...

Atlas Valleys 3 days 2 Person

From $135.00

This trek takes you to discover Imnan valley with its beautiful river and terraces, colourful Azzaden valley facing the Tazagahrt plateau and its big waterfalls

Mt Toubkal 3 days 2 Person


Toubkal Mt Peaks trek starting from Marrakech including two peaks climb...

Culture Villages 4 days 2 Person


you will enjoy traveling light and spend your days exploring ancient villages, pastoral valleys and hidden passes...

Ifni Lake Trek 6 days 2 Person

From $250.00

n the higher elevations in the range snow falls regularly, allowing winter sports. Snow lasts well into late spring in the High Atlas, mostly on the northern faces of the range.

Mt Mgoun 8 days 2 Person

From $500.00

We experience the friendliness and hospitality of the Berber people, camp on high pastures used by nomadic shepherds and makes the tough trekking climb to the top of Mgoun

Mt Siroua 6 days 2 Person

From $450.00

There are plenty of elements in nature that easily will help you navigate around the area. The nature here is absolutely on the extreme side, as so much else in the Anti Atlas

Planning ... days 2 Person

From $80.00

Plan your own trek in Morocco starting from Marrakech according your your desire...